Laurice’s Pieces Jewelry Lines is an established company.
I have been designing and making jewelry since 2004 and I'm still in love with it. The ideal of making something that people fall in love with is a feeling that I can not put in words, but it motivates me and encourages me to be the best designer and business women that I can be. Laurice's Pieces Jewelry Line have been published in magazines, apart of various photo shoots as well as a number of fashion shows including New York Fashion Week. Laurice's Pieces have been selling at The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture NMAAHC since the openings in July 2016.
When you are wearing Lpieces Jewelry Lines I want you to feel as if you are wearing a pieces of beautiful art that Wow Factor!!!! I feel that jewelry should be different and unique. I design and make my jewelry with love and care, every piece is unique and tells a story.
The materials I work with are from all parts of the world, I love mixing cultures and that makes it different and unique. This is truly my passion and I work hard to keep my customers happy.
Customer service is my number one concern.
This beautiful jewelry is made of all natural stones like:
Amber, Turquoise, Jade, Coral, Amethyst, Onyx, Agate, Freshwater Pearls, Pyrite,
Chrysoprase, Glass beads from every parted of Africa, Sterling Silver,14kt. Gold and much more…….
I hope that you like the website and I really hope that you find that special piece!!!!
I designed and made all of the jewelry myself and everything is already for shipping.
I have photos, photo shoots and fashion shows on video!!
So please go through the website and enjoy!


I have had the pleasure of working with very talented designers as well as presenting:
New York Fashion Weeks
DC Fashion Week
VA Fashion week
Embassy of Burkina Faso,Fashion Show w/ Clara Lawson Ames
The Real Housewives of DC 2010
Provider of jewelry for Krystle Awurama Simpson, Miss Universe Ghana 2010 as she competes for the
title of Miss Universe 2010.
Black Beauty Fashion Show Expo
International Passport of Style Fashion Show
Today's Black Women's Magazine Fashion Show
Sister To Sister Magazine Fashion Show
Blackmen's Magazine Fashion Show
L-Shandi Designer
Willie Hall Designer
Rhea Devikar Designer
Michael Taylor Couture Designer
I also had the pleasure of working with
Zulema Griffin from Project Runway
I producted and directed Korto Momolo" Project Runway" Fashion Show for
The Inauguration of President Obama
The winner of the designer of the year my dear friend Luis Gambler.
Laurice's Pieces Jewelry line was featured in Today's Black Woman Magazine
Laurice's Pieces Jewelry Line was featured in Grace Today Magazine
Laurice's Pieces was also featured in Versus Magazine
Laurice's Pieces has a write-up in Creativityisme Magazine
I had the pleasure of speaking at Howard University's Fashion and Business Class
I was a guess on WHUR Radio " Let's Talk Money" with Taylor Thomas
Guess artists and entrepreneurs of the week,w/April Sims on Blog Talk Radio
One of my highlights is judging Hype's Hair 13th Annual Natural Beauty Contests
My jewelry line is sold at the new Smithsonian Museum" National Smithsonian Museum" National Museum of African American History and Culture" in Washington DC since 2016..

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